Review of Top Cashback (the best UK cashback site)

Review of Top Cashback (the best UK cashback site)

I started using shopping cashback sites many years ago with a site called Greasy Palm. That’s a pretty horrible name for a website and using the site was a pretty horrible experience so I was glad to discover an alternative: Top Cashback.

The way cashback sites work is as follows: when you go shopping online, instead of clicking straight on or, you go to your cashback site, search for the website there, and click on their link. You then get a proportion of what you spend back in cash a few weeks or months later.

Whereas Greasy Palm and other sites took a cut from the cashback you earned, Top Cashback gave it all to you and the user experience was definitely preferable, too. Over the time I’ve been using the site, the number of websites offering cashback through Top Cashback has expanded massively and I now get cashback for takeaways, home contents insurance, clothes shopping, and even getting an MOT for my car.

As you can see, I’m close to receiving £2000 in cashback through Top Cashback and that’s all just for the slight hassle of clicking on a website in a slightly roundabout way.

Top Cashback money received
Top Cashback money received

When you withdraw your money, you can choose whether to get it transferred to your bank or whether you want to get slightly more awarded to you as a voucher for a store such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Waitrose, websites like Amazon, or takeaways such as Uber Eats or Just Eat. There are dozens of options.

The amount of cashback – in terms of the proportion of your spend – that you get varies wildly. Just Eat, which I use a lot, gives less than 1%  whereas my recent car insurance purchase netted me £40. But it all adds up, even the pennies.

This is an example of the kinds of payments I’m due soon:

TopCashback earnings
My TopCashback earnings

The other great thing about Top Cashback is that it is really well established and respected, so it’s not going to run off with your earnings! I request payouts every few months and it’s a reliable process that feels like a real treat when I get what feels like a ‘free’ voucher!

Sign up to Top Cashback to try it out here.