Review and discount code: Wonky Bread subscription from Earth and Wheat

Review and discount code: Wonky Bread subscription from Earth and Wheat

I was so excited to hear that there is now a bread subscription box that sends out bread, Scotch pancakes, crumpets (I LOVE CRUMPETS), wraps and pitta bread out that didn’t quite make the grade for selling normally and that would otherwise have gone to waste. And it only costs £6.99!

Grab your Wonky Bread subscription discount here. 

So I signed up and I’ve just received my first box. I could not be more excited. Everything is labelled, including with use-by dates, and it arrived via Hermes.

It can also all go in the freezer, so you won’t be eating nothing but crumpets for a week (though honestly, where is the problem with that?).

You don’t get to choose which items will be in your box each week, it’s based on what the producers have left over and what isn’t quite up to the aesthetic standards that regular customers insist on.

And you can choose whether you get weekly or fortnightly deliveries.

Grab your Wonky Bread subscription discount here. 

But don’t worry if the discount doesn’t show up when you’re checking out. Earth and Wheat told me:

The way the referral works is not a ‘discount’ but rather ‘credit’ applied after checkout. Checkout price does not change, but the credit is applied after checking out – so on charge day the price is reduced by the credit figure.

Price is £6.99 on checkout
Credit is applied after checkout
Charge price is £6.99 less any credit automatically applied.

When checking out, the price will not reduce from £6.99 – but after the account has been created and sign up has been completed the first charge will be discounted – but this does not appear on the checkout/sign up page as a discount / reduction.

So now you know! Honestly, this stuff is delicious, it smells amazing, and it’s so much better than boring old supermarket bread.

A Wonky Bread subscription saves bread, crumpets, pitta and more from being wasted when they don't look perfect enough to sell. Get it all in a bargain box! (Discount code inside) Click To Tweet

I have weird sensory issues with the texture of bread and nothing in this box set them off. And it saves tonnes of perfectly edible stuff from going to landfill or going to waste for a frankly ridiculously bargainous price.